Tasks and Projects



If you prefer videos, you can see a video with detailed notes and annotations about my task workflow in the Dendron Greenhouse Talk

For more textual details, read on.

Managing Tasks

My workflow for tasks is mostly bullet journal style -> https://wiki.dendron.so/notes/e65dfe53-41f7-4b16-b870-dadec1775497.html

At the beginning of the day, I create tasks in my daily journal. This applies my daily journal template - the annotated version is here

I keep templates for tasks due weekly and monthly as well.

You can see the template that the Dendron team uses here -> https://handbook.dendron.so/notes/tBl65U3RF6E587tV7mie5.html We use the following configuration for task notes. This means that tasks are created as task.{year}.{month}.{day}.{name}

        name: task
        dateFormat: y.MM.dd
        addBehavior: asOwnDomain
            '': ' '
            wip: w
            done: x
            assigned: a
            moved: m
            blocked: b
            delegated: l
            dropped: d
            pending: 'y'
            H: high
            M: medium
            L: low
        todoIntegration: false
        createTaskSelectionType: selection2link

Managing Projects

For projects, I use a proj.* hierarchy. Projects can have tasks associated with them. As well as tags.