Proven Strategies to Accelerate Growth with Intercom CEO, Karen Peacock



  • average not useful, eg. jeff beeps walks into bar with 100 customer, average net worth a billion

  • race car driver, you need to accelerate at apex of curve, not at the end, lose too much momentum

    • how to watch out for curves
      • gross revenue retention and net revenue retention
      • retention health help you find curves in the road
  • divide retention health by segments, products, usages, etc

  • watch what your customers do vs say #star

    • eg.
      • quick books, customers said they wanted budgeting but didn’t use it when ship
      • they don’t have time
      • watch behavior, they get overwhelmed trying to match outstanding receipts
      • build a task management solution instead
  • fall in love with problem, not the solution #star

  • pricing: align price with value delivered

    • more value should be more price
  • pyramid to pricing

    • 1: what drives value, pricing metric
    • 2: packaging, turn what you build to what you sell, what customer segment are you selling to
    • 3: price, align price to value by customer segment
  • design end to end customer experience

    • eg. if your friend had this experience, would you be happy about it?
  • start with the customer

    • what is your promise to them?
    • how do they realize value?
    • how do they become successful?