Quit Your Job


Author reflects on the role of leisure and exploration as the means to find one's calling and the cosmic duty of the individual to do so.


  • You already have the “fuck you” money and the privilege to build a better future. You just need to overcome your fears and turn to the great tasks that might inspire you if you started acting on that privilege

Source: Tivy, Wolf. Quit Your Job

If you're reading this, chances are that the statement above holds true. Why is it hard to leave what we're doing even when we have the means and the privilege to do so? Progress is deceptive, when all else is uncertain, the accumulation of wealth is at the very least a standard in which everyone understands. It is a hedge against all else that life might throw at you.

But wealth without purpose is like fuel without an engine. It just ends up being stored and occasional causes an oil leak.

If we have the privilege to choose what we do, then we also have the comsmic duty to do so. The path to choosing might require exploration and novelty (aka active unemployment or leisure). This uncertainty feels like a luxury because of the opportunity cost. It is easy to measure this cost in terms of dollars and job titles. This is tangible and is what holds us in place. But does any of this matter if its not towards living a meaningful life?

There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all

Peter Drucker

Build your empire. Find your calling. Until you have a basis to start from, nothing else matters.

  • So quit your job and become the wild and ambitious elites you wish to see in the world. Live by instinct in the untracked frontier, shoot your shot, and live or die by your intuitive visions of what must be done. You can carry out your cosmic duty and win glory only in the bold attempt. (View Highlight)

Source: Tivy, Wolf. Quit Your Job



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