Private Images

All my images are stored in my assets folder in Dropobx.


I serve them via localhost using nginx.

I can access any image using the following url: http://localhost:$NGINX_PORT/img/<image-name>

Benefits of this system - it keeps the backend flexible. If I decide to drop dropbox (which I'm increasingly tempted to do due to the agressive upselling, I can do so without breaking my links. Also, many markdown editors are unable to render images that are based on absolute paths.

A future project I have in mind is to combine this with a VPN like tailscale so that I can access images on the go as well.

Setup Instructions

  • these instructions are for mac and true as of 2022-05-28
  1. install nginx
    brew install nginx
  2. symlink image folder
    cd /opt/homebrew/var/www
  3. optional: change the port
    • if you don't want to use the default (8080), you can change it in /opt/homebrew/etc/nginx/nginx.conf
    • afterwards, reload nginx
    brew services reload nginx