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In addition to automatically created commits, you can also choose to automatically push your changes, by setting the GitDoc: Auto Push setting.

  • By default, this setting is set to off, but you can set it to onCommit in order to push every time a commit is made, or afterDelay in order to push on some sort of frequency.
  • If you set it to the later, then you can control the delay duration by setting the GitDoc: Auto Push Delay setting.

Squashing versions

Auto-committing is useful for tracking unique versions, however, depending on how frequently you save, you could end up creating a significant number of file versions. If a series of versions represent a single logical change, you can "squash" them together by right-clicking the oldest version in the Timeline tree and selecting the Squash Version(s) Above command. You can give the new version a name, and when submitted, the selected version, and all versions above it, will be "squashed" into a single version.