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TokenMatch typeDescription
jscriptfuzzy-matchItems that fuzzy match jscript
=schemeexact-matchItems that are scheme
'pythoninclude-matchItems that include python
!rubyinverse-exact-matchItems that do not include ruby
^javaprefix-exact-matchItems that start with java
!^earlanginverse-prefix-exact-matchItems that do not start with earlang
.js$suffix-exact-matchItems that end with .js
!.go$inverse-suffix-exact-matchItems that do not end with .go

Scoring Theory

  • source:

  • scoring composed of

    • Fuzziness score
    • Key weight
    • Field-length norm
  • Whether the score should be included in the result set.

    • A score of 0indicates a perfect match, while a score of 1 indicates a complete mismatch.
  • The fuzziness score is internally calculated via a modified implementation of the Bitap algorithm.

  • key weight:

    • User inputted weight of the key. The higher the weight, the higher its relevance score. This is optional, athough Fuse.js will internally default it to 1 if one isn't provided. This boosting is applied at query time.