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A collection of some tools I use

Knowledge Management

  • Dendron: almost everything
  • evernote: web clipper
  • google keep: mobile notes writer
  • ia writer/git journal: private notes mobile reader
  • published dendron notes via safari (eg. public notes, mobile reader
  • airtable: tracking finances
  • alfred: app launcher

Dendron Setup

  • I keep 3 versions of vscode (vscode, vscode insider, vscodium)
  • I have a mac so I usually have two windows of each version running at any time
    • this is because CMD+~ lets you toggle btw two different windows of the same program
  • each vscode version also has a custom keyboard shortcut which I've configured using alfred
  • vscode versions:
    • vscode
      • used for coding
    • vscode insider
      • two windows, one focused on dendron specific notes and one for personal notes
      • vscodium
  • the idea here is that I can access any note in any workspace using at most, two keyboard shortcuts.


  • Programs
    • Firefox & Chrome: Browsers
    • Launchy: Program launcher