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The Fall of Hyperion


Second part of the hyperion cantos.


Raw Notes

  • meina gladstone, tragic hero
  • john keats, the one who comes before
  • sol giving up everything for his daughter and to not have regrets
  • lamia fall in love instantly, hard to believe
  • consul, a puppet to everyone
  • kassad, died a warrior but like lamia, non-developed love story
    • love moving forward and backward, the love the deepest when completely unknown to the other
  • god as evolution of forces: intelligence, empathy and the void that binds
  • making way for what comes next, embrace or fight
    • humans -> machines
    • machines -> machine god
  • making impossible choice
    • doom billions in order to save humanity
  • conformity and stagnation vs adaption and hardship
    • hegemony vs swarm
  • is god a poet?
  • love as the ultimate force in the universe
  • here lies a man whose name was writ in water
  • we are past obedience, if we are to have a relationship with god, it is one of mutual respect
  • abraham was testing god and not the other way around