Hermit Crab

  • The hermit crab is a colorful example of a creature that lives by this aspect of the growth process (albeit without our psychological baggage). As the crab gets bigger, it needs to find a more spacious shell. So the slow, lumbering creature goes on a quest for a new home. If an appropriate new shell is not found quickly, a terribly delicate moment of truth arises. A soft creature that is used to the protection of built-in armor must now go out into the world, exposed to predators in all its mushy vulnerability. That learning phase in between shells is where our growth can spring from. (Location 519)

    - #eg
  • Someone stuck with an entity theory of intelligence is like an anorexic hermit crab, starving itself so it doesn’t grow to have to find a new shell. (Location 523)

  • lessons learned from the pursuit of excellence mean much more than the immediate trophies and glory. (Location 525)

    • I learned the principle of opposition, the hidden potency of empty space, the idea of zugzwang (putting your opponent in a position where any move he makes will destroy his position). (Location 535)
    • For children who focus early on openings, chess becomes about results. Period. It doesn’t matter how you played or if you concentrated well or if you were brave. (Location 549)

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

In order to grow, you must be vulnerable.