If a blog is made and no one reads it, does it generate any page views? Spiders. 

Slack Is the Modern Knowledge Base


Javascript is the most popular programming language in 2022. Markdown is the most widely used markup. The browser has become the universal virtual machine. Slack is the modern knowledge base.

Product Market Fit


The ONLY job of a startup founder is getting to product market fit.

An Iterative Approach to Writing


The waterboarding of the ego. The crushing of the soul. The realization that I can't spell. What I mean when I talk about writing.

The Open CDK Guide


Publishing an open source CDK guide with an opionated set of tips and best practices for working with the CDK

A Tale of Two Buckets


The story of a bad multi-account deployment and the ensuing investigation to find the truth. A tale of intrigue, identity and access.

CDK All The Things: A Whirlwind Tour


Ever wanted to provision AWS infrastructure with the expressivity of python, the type safety of java and the declarative nuance of CloudFormation?

No Reservations: A Definite Guide to EC2 Reserved Instances


EC2 Reserved Instances (RIs) are probably the most effective way of reducing your AWS bill by as much as 75% but are underutilized because of perceived complexity and lock in. We explore what RIs are all about and what you want to consider when purchasing RIs.