The One Thing


Gary shares the value of simplifying life and business down to focusing on one thing


The book, fitting enough, is about one thing - focusing on one thing to achieve extrodinary results. It's a good takeaway.


  • what is the one thing I can do that will make all other things easier or unecessary


    1. The One Thing
    1. The Domino Effect
    1. Success Leaves Clues
  • Part I
    • everything matters equally
    • multitasking
    • a diciplined life
    • willpower is always on will-call
    • a balanced life
    • big is bad
  • part II
    • the focusing question
    • the success habit
    • the path to great answers
  • part III
    • live with purpose
    • live by priority
    • live for productivity
    • the three commitments
    • the four thieves
    • the journey
    • putting it to work

Key Points

  • great performance is result of habits
  • ask large and specific question to get results
    • eg. what is something I can do do 10x revenue by end of this quarter?
    • better than small and specific or large and unspecific
  • block your time to get things done


  • too slow to notice and then too fast to stop


  • life is like a postage stamp. stick to one thing until you get there
  • domino effect: one thing can knock over something that is 50% bigger


  • 6 lies
    • everything matters equally
    • build habits vs have discipline, focus on one habit a day, 66 days
  • think big
  • focus question: one thong i can do that will help everything else or make it unnecessary
    • every day, what is one thing i can do to X
    • large and specific question
  • block your time
  • watch out for four thieves