The Open CDK Guide

AWS Cloud Development Kit Guide Representation

Over the past year, I've been following the development of the AWS CloudDevelopment Kit (CDK) - a framework built on top of CloudFormation that makes it delightful for users to manage AWS Infrastructure as Code (IaC).

This has been my favorite release of AWS in 2019 in a year of many exciting releases - SCP Conditionals, Security Hub, Control Tower, and EC2 Resource Optimization Recommendations just to name a few.

When everything is going right, the CDK will make you feel like a devops wizard. That being said, the cloud is complicated, CloudFormation coverage of AWS is incomplete, and the CDK itself (and IaC in general) is still a young framework with little in the way of established best practices. You can see my past article here for a more in depth dive into the CDK.

This is why, after having many repeated discussions about aforementioned best practices, I'm happy to announce the Open CDK Guide. This guide is a collections of learnings and best practices around all things CDK. It is meant to be a living document, updated on an ongoing basis by the community as the CDK and practices around it mature.

Feedback and contributions welcome :)


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