Update S3 DeletionPolicy in Cloudformation

Found an interesting quirk in Cloudformation when trying to update an AWS::S3::Bucket resource.

All AWS Cloudformation Resources have the DeletionPolicies attribute which determines the fate of said resource after the CFN template is deleted. If a resource does not have a deletion policy, the default behavior is termination.

I ran into a problem deleting an old stack when I wanted to retain the s3 buckets and the deployed template didn't have the DeletionPolicy set. Where it any other resource, I could retroactively update the stack and change the DeletionPolicy. Unfortunately, this technique works with everything except S3 buckets.

One quirk in the update template workflow is that DeletionPolicy cannot be updated by itself but must accompany some other change that "add, modify or delete properties" of an existing resource. A fun fact about the AWS::S3::Bucket resource: it cannot be updated after creation. Good news: this does not apply to the DeletionPolicy attribute. Bad news: CFN won't pick up the changes unless another property of the "immutable" S3 bucket is updated.

The solution: update the metadata. No explicitly property of the s3 bucket can be updated but since metadata is a common property of all AWS resources, it can. By piggy backing on the metadata change, it's then possible to sneak in a change of the DeletionPolicy.

An example below:

   "AWSTemplateFormatVersion" : "2010-09-09",
   "Resources" : {
      "myS3Bucket" : {
         "Type" : "AWS::S3::Bucket",
         "Metadata" : { "DummyKey" : "DummyValue"}
         "DeletionPolicy" : "Retain"


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